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  • My Most Used Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

    ctrl + t open new tab ctrl + shift + t re-open closed tab ctrl + shift + n new incognito window ctrl + tab switch to next tab (add shift to go left) ctrl + w close tab ctrl + shift + i open developer tools These shortcuts are consistent with most modern browsers […]

  • Nerd Core Jams Playlist

    Featuring vintage Youtube clips. Playlist Data & Picard – Pogo Robots – Flight Of The Conchords Fetts Vette – MC Chris Coder Girl – Dale Chase Roll a D6 – SirConnorAnderson White & Nerdy – Weird Al Code Monkey · Jonathan Coulton Thoughts? Additions Welcome!

  • Leet Code is Dumb

    There I said it…it had to be done. As a casual job-seeker and tech eductator who has general interests in the software development ecosphere, I have found myself on both sides of the dreaded leet code DS Algo interviews. I get it. Finding the right dev to join your team is hard, and you want […]

  • Github’s CoPilot is a Game Changer

    I was just accepted into the beta test for CoPilot, and I have to say that it is seriously impressive. Think of having stackoverflow available right in your favorite IDE. Will it replace all developers? Not likely, we’re safe for now. I’ve always said that software developers will be the last humans to have jobs. […]