Leet Code is Dumb

example of the dreaded leet code question

There I said it…it had to be done. As a casual job-seeker and tech eductator who has general interests in the software development ecosphere, I have found myself on both sides of the dreaded leet code DS Algo interviews.

I get it. Finding the right dev to join your team is hard, and you want someone who has at least a little understanding of code. What are your objectives in the interview process? Here are some common skills tech teams looks for in an interviewee:

  • Can they write code in whatever language your team uses
  • Are they able to problem solve
  • Can they follow instructions
  • Are they able to prioritize tasks

What leet code actually tests:

  • Time complexity of code
  • Ability to cram for a given concept
  • Knowledge of lesser used data-structures (I have never seen a Linked List used in production code)
  • Recursion (see above)

Not much overlap. More thoughts to come on this 🙂