Random Pictures

Just a collection of pics, indexed here.

One of Jesus’ lesser known quotes

As seen on I-75

One of the more graphic hose installation pics I have seen

Hidden in FedEx logo

Happy Spider is happy

Some people were just born to be headbangers

Jeez kid, why not just post it on the forums like everyone else?

Maybe I won’t apply for this job afterall


The sun shines bright on my old KY crack house

Well, it is mostly water

Sadly text messaging has permanently changed the way I read signs

Are kids really that lazy?

One of the cooler vans I’ve seen on the highway

Yeah, nothing says ‘Warrior’ like flimsy footwear made in a sweatshop

Digg fails the YSlow test

Recently while trying to improve my blog’s load speeds I installed Yslow. It’s basically a Firefox addon that adds to the firebug console, and ‘grades’ particular aspects that could improve your site’s performance and load speeds.

Well always curious, I wanted to see how some other high volume websites fared on this test. One of my favorite places on the internet is Digg, and you could say it’s fairly busy:

6.8 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S. and over 17 million worldwide

Here’s the result, Digg get an ‘F’, and a low one at that. I wonder if it’s because of the parameters Yslow uses or because Digg ignores them?


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