Use Variable for Import Parameter in less

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If you need to parameterize urls that will be used in the @import directive and imported into your .css files use the following.

@googlefonturl: "//";
@import (css) url("@{googlefonturl}");

Which will generate the following at the top of your css output

@import url("//");

The double quotes aren’t necessary but less adds them. If you wanted to pull in the remote css to your less use `(inline)` instead of css do this

@import (inline) url("@{googlefonturl}");

It is not recommended to do this with google fonts because the api uses browser sniffing so that it can the correct files for the device requesting fonts

Pass Multiple Variables to lessc Command Line Arguments

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In order to pass more than one argument to the lessc compiler you need to use the option argument for each variable, for example

lessc --modify-var="bgColor=purple" --modify-var="bodyColor=aqua" custom.less test.css

Notice the “–modify-var” option being passed twice, this is because there is no separator


Merge Duplicate Artists in Plex Music Library

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Navigate to  your music library and find duplicate artists you would like to merge:


Click the select checkbox


Click on the entries to be merged


Click Merge




Youtube Channels for Programmers, Hackers, and Techies

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Business / StartUps


Programming Game design and development


Random — IMHO the best youtube channel in existence. Every video is a rabbit hole of interesting questions and tangents with fantastic presentation and weirdly uplifting closing points. — Smart thought provoking videos that use internet memes, gaming, anime, and such as the launch off points. — Well presented science videos with a focus on the joy of learning. –Man riding up elevators in different building — 6300+ man smoking cigars/tobacco pipes and grumbling



SOURCE HackerNews