The Most Useful Application I Wrote In College

actual textbook!

In my 4 years at Northern Kentucky University I had the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics. As an Information Systems grad I learned about common systems concepts such databases, web design, networking and programming. We even had a class dedicated to COBOL!

Additionally learned about business skills such project management, marketing economics and management. I felt well-prepared and ready to tackle any challenges that would come my way in the ‘real-world’.

Interestingly, the most useful project I completed was only around 20 lines of code but it perfectly encapsulated all of the concepts into one concise application. It was an Amortization calculator. The time value of money and compounding interest all in one app. The bonus was practical knowledge when I bought my first house! Here’s a sample implementation I recreated in C#:

COBOL edition coming as soon as I can find the compiler