Useful Shortcuts For Firefox

Here is a quick list of shortcuts that I commonly use to speed up my browsing experience.  Most of these shortcuts should work on other modern browsers such as Opera and Chrome, however I haven’t tested them all yet. Feedback is most certainly appreciated.

  1. Middle clicking (scroll wheel) a link will open it in a new tab.  It will also close a tab.  Holding ctrl while middle clicking will open it in the foreground
  2. F6 highlights the address bar.  Ctrl + l does the same but it also will select all the text (if only a portion of the url is highlighted)
  3. Ctrl+t to open a new tab with the focus on the address bar.
  4. “/” opens quick find.
  5. Ctrl+u to view the page’s source.
  6. Ctrl+[tab] to switch between tabs, also holding shift reverses the direction.
  7. Ctrl+0 to reset text to the default size.
  8. Ctrl+[shift]+t re-opens most recently closed tab.
  9. ctrl+w closes current tab

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