Use FireGestures to Open Your Favorite URL

As mentioned previously, one of my favorite Firefox addons is FireGestures.  If you don’t already have this essential addon – It allows you to perform common tasks in Firefox such as open/close tabs, switch tabs and minimize using only your mouse.

This tool also allows you to create custom scripts to perform additional actions not available ‘out of the box’.  Adding the ability to open your favorite website with the flick of a mouse is simple:

In firefox go to the menu and select ‘Tools’, then click on ‘Add-ons’ in the drop down menu.  Then click on the ‘Options’ button for Firegestures.

Once the FireGestures dialog box opens, click ‘Add Script’

Choose a name that will be easy for you to remember,  clever me, I used ‘Open mySite’.

In the ‘Script’  text box copy the following*

const URL = "";
const IN_NEW_TAB = true;
const IN_BACKGROUND = false;

  gBrowser.loadOneTab(URL, null, null, null, IN_BACKGROUND, false);

* Note: for demonstration purposes, my favorite url is,  you can change to yours by changing the url to the site of your choice.

Now enter the gesture you want to use: U=up, L=left etc… I used DULDR (the letter ‘d’).  Save, exit and test out your new gesture!