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  • Stream Your Home Music Library to Your iPhone

    Simplify Media is dead, new article here: https://joe-riggs.com/blog/2010/08/stream-music-to-iphone-from-home-computer/

  • Create a Screenshot/Capture on Iphone 3.0

    It’s surprisingly easy to create a screengrab on your iPhone.  Simply hold the Home (bottom) button and then press the Power (top-right) button.  You will see a flash on the screen, you can now view your new screenshot by going to your photo gallery.

  • Iphone File System Browser

    Looking for a quick and easy way to retrieve any files directly off of your iPhone?  Look no more, code google has your solution.  iPhoneBrowser – “Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone using the Manzana.dll” Look for the Setup file on the right side of the page. for instance, if you were […]

  • Disable iPhone Camera Autorun/Autoplay in XP

    Tired of canceling out the autorun on your XP box whenever you plug in your iPhone? After you plug in your iPhone: goto start -> My Computer right click on ‘Apple iPhone’ -> Select ‘Properties’ Go to the events tab, make sure that the event selected is set to ‘Camera  Connected’. Select the ‘Take No […]