Iphone File System Browser

Looking for a quick and easy way to retrieve any files directly off of your iPhone?  Look no more, code google has your solution.  iPhoneBrowser – “Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone using the Manzana.dll”

Look for the Setup file on the right side of the page.


for instance, if you were looking for the files created by cycorder, you would be able to browse to them and save them from here:


Disable iPhone Camera Autorun/Autoplay in XP

Tired of canceling out the autorun on your XP box whenever you plug in your iPhone?

After you plug in your iPhone:

goto start -> My Computer
right click on ‘Apple iPhone’ -> Select ‘Properties’


Go to the events tab, make sure that the event selected is set to ‘Camera  Connected’.
Select the ‘Take No Action’ radio, Apply – Done!


Excellent article on how to accomplish same in Vista here.