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  • Remove New Tab Button From Firefox 3.5

    I have just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox.  While there are many new features in 3.5, the one that you will probably notice first is the addition of a button to the right of your tabs that will open a new blank tab. Since I use shortcut keys to open a new tab […]

  • Use FireGestures to Open Your Favorite URL

    As mentioned previously, one of my favorite Firefox addons is FireGestures.  If you don’t already have this essential addon – It allows you to perform common tasks in Firefox such as open/close tabs, switch tabs and minimize using only your mouse. This tool also allows you to create custom scripts to perform additional actions not […]

  • My favorite Firefox Addons

    I would guess that 90% of what I do with my computer I do online, and 100% of what I do online is using Firefox.  I recommend this browser 110%.  I recommend so highly because of its great addons and extensibility.  Here is a list of my favorites: fireftp allows you to create a connection […]

  • Disable javascript in Firefox

    While javascript can provide many useful functions for the average browser, it can also be used for evil, well, at least annoying behaviour. One of my all time peeves is when a page tries to decide what size my browser should be and what toolbars are visible. Classic web design dictates that code should never […]