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  • My Most Used Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

    ctrl + t open new tab ctrl + shift + t re-open closed tab ctrl + shift + n new incognito window ctrl + tab switch to next tab (add shift to go left) ctrl + w close tab ctrl + shift + i open developer tools These shortcuts are consistent with most modern browsers […]

  • Useful Shortcuts For Firefox

    Here is a quick list of shortcuts that I commonly use to speed up my browsing experience.  Most of these shortcuts should work on other modern browsers such as Opera and Chrome, however I haven’t tested them all yet. Feedback is most certainly appreciated. Middle clicking (scroll wheel) a link will open it in a […]

  • Firefox: Create a Bookmark that Validates html

    An important part of writing html is making sure that what you’ve written is valid code. W3C provides an excellent resource for validating. I will show you how to utilize this service to validate any page directly from a Firefox bookmark. First, click on the ‘Bookmarks’ menu, and then right-click on ‘New Bookmark…’ Add text […]

  • Show Close Button In Last Tab with Firefox 3.5

    In the latest version of Firefox if you only have 1 tab open, that tab will not have the close button on it.  You can still close this tab using the menu, or the ‘ctrl+w’ shortcut. If you would like to add the button back, you’ll need to edit the userChrome.css file the Firefox uses.  […]