Reddit’s Front Page: A Look at Traffic, Stats and Bandwidth

google analytics percentage
GA informing me of a *slight* traffic increase

Recently I was lucky enough to have a link I submitted to reddit (comment page) make it to the site’s front page. While my link was originally posted to the sub-reddit  r/programming, it quickly gained popularity and was on the main page for nearly 24 hours.

Here’s a look at the raw access log, I’ve included the entire month to show how drastic the increase (and subsequent decrease) in traffic was.  The link was submitted on May 24th.   The image itself was just over 171 KB, quite a bit of bandwidth was used, fortunately, my host allows 500GB transfer per month.

aw stats access log
Here we can see the numbers leading up to the surge

And the corresponding numbers (of the peak day) from Google Analytics which line up very well.

Google Analytics Spike

And now, a closer look at the redditors themselves:

Breakdown of browsers as of Reddit users
Browsers Used

No surprise: Firefox is the preferred browser among the tech crowd.  More interesting in my opinion is Chrome beating out IE almost 4 to 1.

Operating Systems:


Bonus – a few of the sites that picked up the link shortly after it appeared on Reddit’s frontpage:

Those are the numbers that were most interesting to me.  Did I leave anything out?  Leave me a comment and I will add it if possible, thanks.


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