Map ftp drive in Vista

Rather than using a 3rd party application to connect your local machine to your web server, why not simply use Vista’s built in explorer to handle it?

To begin click the ‘start’ button at the bottom right of your window, then select ‘Computer’. Click on the ‘Map Network drive button.

select ftp location

Instead of entering in a network shared folder, you’ll then need to click on the link shown below. If you don’t want the computer to connect to this share every time you log in, uncheck the ‘Reconnect at logon box’


When the  ‘Add Connection’ Wizard pops up, click ‘Next’ and then select ‘Choose aCustom Network Location’ and click ‘Next’ again. Now you will see the dialog box where you can enter in the location of you webserver. A typical ftp location would be:


If your server requires login credentials, uncheck the ‘log in anonymously’ box and enter your login name in the box provided (you will prompted for your password later).


That’s really all there is to it! You should have an explorer window to drag and drop files into.