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  • WordPress: Remove Date From Posts on Category Page

    The first thing you will need in order to remove the date from category pages is the id of the category which you wish to hide the dates on. To get the id click on ‘Categories’ in the admin and then click on the actual category you wish to affect. In the url you will […]

  • Blank html template – Transitional dtd

    HTML Template Download zipped html file

  • Detect Adblock Users on a WordPress Blog

    The following code allows you to display an alternate message for your advertisements to users who are using Adblock as well as most other modern online advertisement blocking applications. In your blog’s root directory (folder containing the wp-addon, wp-content and wp-includes sub folders), create a file and name it “adframe.js”. This name is crucial because […]

  • Create Blank Page for WordPress Blog Using Your Theme Template

    There may come a time when you need to create a blank page on your WordPress site that still uses your template’s header, footer and sidebar.  For example, if you incorporate your own custom search from google, you will need to specify a landing page where the search results will be displayed. You could use […]