Stream Music to iPhone from Home Computer

audiogalxyAs a replacement to the now defunct SimplifyMedia, I have been using, and highly recommend audiogalaxy to stream any mp3 or .m4a (DRM free) to my smart phone.  This app can run on the iPhone/ iPad/iPodTouch or any Android device.  The server application (running on the computer with your music files) can be installed on any Windows or  Mac OS X 10.5 or greater machine.

Here’s a quick run down for comparison.

Audiogalaxy Pros:

  • Quickly loads large library (15k songs) on iPhone – tested on 3G
  • Has a web interface that allows you to play your library on an internet connected PC/MAC/Linux box
  • Allows you you shuffle entire library
  • Low processor footprint on server
  • Works over 3g or WiFi
  • Actively Developed – New features regularly added
  • Free!

Audiogalaxy Cons:

  • Does not buffer more than one song, so there is a delay between the songs
  • No support for .flac or .ogg
  • I couldn’t import my iTunes playlists

Minor Gripes:

  • Can’t scrobble to
  • No way to add friends or share library

That’s it!  Overall, I find audiogalaxy to be the best software that streams your home music library to your smart phone.

Audiogalaxy Web Interface
Audiogalaxy Web Interface

Iphone File System Browser

Looking for a quick and easy way to retrieve any files directly off of your iPhone?  Look no more, code google has your solution.  iPhoneBrowser – “Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone using the Manzana.dll”

Look for the Setup file on the right side of the page.


for instance, if you were looking for the files created by cycorder, you would be able to browse to them and save them from here: